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Lavander Products

Our lavender soaps are made by hand from organic ingredients. They are free from artificial colors, and are excellent for those with dry skin.

Essential oil with a dropper and lavender branches on a wooden table. Brown glass cosmetic bottle

Lavender is a multipurpose oil, said to have anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and much more anti purposes

Place in any drawer to make your wardrobe smell nice, or use as a moth repellent. When the smell starts to fade, just gently squeeze the sachet to release more fragrance. 

Olive Products

Dark green olive groves have been formed in this area since ancient times and so far there have never been more, producing renowned oils with the highest recognition. The most common olive variety is oblica, with a representation of 85%, followed by lastovka, levatinka and somewhat newer varieties lećino and pandolino. More than 900 small and large producers talk about the tradition of nurturing olives of its products. Therefore, it is not surprising that every dish on the island of Hvar is sprinkled with this liquid gold.

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