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Farm to table


Hora Hvar

Hora or Ager – Stari Grad Plain

Rich history of Hora Plain

The Greeks and many more after them cultivated the land on Hvar and other Mediterranean islands, but what separates Stari Grad Plain from the rest is:

Out Products

Most commonly used ingredient on the Mediterranean is certainly olive oil. There are more than 200,000 olive trees on Hvar, so olive oil making trade is spread throughout the island

Our lavender soaps are made by hand from organic ingredients. They are free from artificial colors, and are excellent for those with dry skin.

Place in any drawer to make your wardrobe smell nice, or use as a moth repellent. When the smell starts to fade, just gently squeeze the sachet to release more fragrance. 

The comfortable atmosphere will be exactly just what you need after a hard working week - Restoran Guru on Hora Hvar

Hora Vineyards

Join us for some wine tasting. Right here in the middle of Starigrad plains you can try a variety of 4 different wines – Bogdanuša (a native grape variety to Hvar), Pošip, Bogdanuša, Rose or Barrique Plavac Mali, that goes very well with some homemade cheeses, pršut, sausages, anchovies and olive oil.


Plavac Mali


Hora Restaurant

Vegetarian menu aka Nadas inspiration

Boldly flavored, super hearty and incredibly easy, this vegetarian meal is prepared by the owner Nada herself. It changes daily depending on Nadas daily inspiration and seasonal vegetables available.

Traditional Peka

Peka menu (needs to be ordered in advance) – 100% farmed lamb and veal, freshly caught mix of fish or octopus.

Lika Ranch

Domestic cows and calfs. 

Fresh milk, homemade cow cheese and fresh veal for Hora restaurant.

We have 2 types of pigs on our ranch. Black Slavonian and brown pig.

Bacon rolls coated in noble mold, prosciutto, 2 year old dry aged and smoked homemade sausage.

Grass fed domestic sheep and their lambs.

Source of fresh milk, homemade sheep cheese and lamb meat for Hora restaurant.

Domestic goats and their goatlings.

Source of fresh goat milk and homemade goat cheese.

Domestic hens, chicks and roosters.

Source of 100% organic and natural eggs and chicken meat for Hora restaurant.