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About Our Ranch

Stationed in Lika, our ranch that stretches across 120 acres is a home to 5 types od domestic animals. They include 2 sorts of pigs (black slavonian and brown), cows and their calfs, goats, sheep and chicken. These 100% organic feed and outdoor kept animals are a source of all kinds of animal based products. Check out the video down below and see for yourself.

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Types of Domestic animals on our Ranch
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Types of meat or dairy products

All Ranch Animals

Domestic cows and calfs. 

Our cows diet consist of grass or hay. Even though people think diary cows mostly have a high-grain diet, they mostly eat corn leaves and stems instead of corn kernels.

Fresh milk, homemade cow cheese and fresh veal for Hora restaurant.

We have 2 types of pigs on our ranch. Black Slavonian and brown pig.

Pigs are kept outdoors, so their diet is natural and consists of  variety of grasses, small animals, insects and acorns.

Bacon rolls coated in noble mold, prosciutto, 2 year old dry aged and smoked homemade sausage.

Grass fed domestic sheep and their lambs.

Sheep are herbivores so their diet mostly consist of just plain old grass, and different types of weed. 

Source of fresh milk, homemade sheep cheese and lamb meat for Hora restaurant.

Domestic goats and their goatlings.

Even though goats are herbivores like sheep their diet doesn’t just consist of grass. Goats prefer leaves of tree bark.

Source of fresh goat milk and homemade goat cheese.

Domestic hens, chicks and roosters.

Hens rummage most of the day searching for earthworms and insects. They also eat grass and all kinds of wheat (mostly corn).

Source of 100% organic and natural eggs and chicken meat for Hora restaurant.